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NIH Take Your Child to Work Day VIRTUAL Event - Thursday, April 22

NIH's annual "Take Your Child to Work Day" is going VIRTUAL this year.

Over the past 12 months, every day has been take our children to work. This event will provide children grades 1-12 an opportunity to see how your efforts contribute to the NIH – our nation's biomedical research agency and inspire them to explore career paths in science and public service. 

With the event being virtual, we can expand the wonderful and engaging activities the NIH has offered in the past and offer new activities to all NIH locations. In doing so, we are also expanding this year's event to include activities from our other locations. Live and recorded events will be available throughout the day in addition to Earth Day activities.

Encourage your co-workers, supervisors, colleagues and friends to participate. Mark your calendars.

Key registration dates are listed below:

  • March 16 at 12pm (noon): Pre-registration (Site opens for you to enter your child/ren's information and preview activities ONLY).***This year's registration will be conducted in two phases.***
  • March 23 at 12pm (noon): Registration Phase 1 (Register child/ren for up to 2 limited space activities each).
  • March 30 at 12pm (noon): Registration Phase 2 (Register child/ren for up to 2 additional limited space activities for a maximum of four limited space activities).

More information and reminders will be sent out in March, so look for upcoming announcements via email and Twitter.

As in previous years, volunteer opportunities will also be available for students in grades 9-12 to help with virtual activities. Please check with your student's school or school district to see if Student Service Learning (SSL) credits are offered and meets school requirements.

The Office of Research Services, Program and Employee Services is the primary sponsor of TYCTWD 2021. Please email any questions and comments to


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