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Holiday Schedule for NIH Food Services.
November 23 - 25, 2016.
December 26, 2016 - January 2, 2017.
During the upcoming holidays - between Wednesday, November 23 and Friday, November 25, and again between Monday, December 26 through Monday, January 2 - the hours of operation for the NIH Food/Concession Program Services (Cafeterias, Coffee Bars, and Concession Stands) will be modified.
Please visit the NIH Food/Concession Program Services webpage to view the holiday schedule for locations on- and off-campus:  
For questions or additional information, please contact Mr. John Crawford, Director of Food Services and Concession Programs, Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS), Office of Research Services (ORS), at 301-402-8180.
To find dining centers, coffee bars and concession stands both on the main campus and off campus, please visit the NIH Food/Concession Program Services website at: and join the NIH LISTSERV, FOODSERVICE-L, to keep abreast of changes and upcoming events at:  The DATS manages other NIH LISTSERVs that may be of interest to you, which you can find at:  

You may also follow @NIHEmplSrvcs on Twitter for more information about services that can assist you with balancing work and family, making healthy food choices, and other programs and employee services to improve your well-being.

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