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Foil the Flu -- Employee and Contractor Influenza Immunization Program Begins October 3

Free Flu Vaccine Protects You, Patients and Family

Foil the Flu, the annual seasonal influenza immunization program for NIH employees and contractors, begins Monday, October 3 and runs through November 10, 2016. All federal employees and contractors with a valid NIH identification badge are encouraged to be immunized against the flu. The best way to reduce the risk of getting the flu is to get the flu shot every year. All staff who have patient contact, including both employees and contractors, are required to get immunized each year.

For the immunization schedule, including off-campus dates, a map to the immunization location on the main campus, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, please visit:   


New this year:

* Use the new Clinical Center "TakeMeThere" website, (search "Flu"), or download the NIHCC Take Me There app on your mobile device for directions to the CRC 7th Floor clinic.  

* A goal to eliminate wait times of more than 20 minutes and further reduce wait times of more than 10 minutes. (Last year 0.280f vaccine recipients reported waiting more than 20 minutes and another 2.18% reported waiting more than 10 minutes.)


This year's on-campus clinic:

The Hatfield Clinical Research Center

Building 10, 7th Floor Atrium, East Side.

(In the Hatfield CRC, take the central elevators adjacent to Admissions/Patient Travel to the 7th floor.)

* Starting October 13, there will also be off-campus sites providing free flu shots. Shady Grove, Bayview, Poolesville, Neuroscience Center, Fishers Lane and Rockledge locations are included on the schedule.

* Although the overwhelming majority of employees receive their immunization in 5 minutes or less, you can avoid longer wait times by avoiding late mornings and early afternoons. Employees intending to receive a flu shot must wear clothing that does not restrict access to the upper arm. Changing areas will not be available.

* Staff ages 65 and older will be eligible to receive a high-dose vaccine that stimulates a stronger immune response. People age 65 and older tend to develop lower levels of protective antibodies with a traditional dose vaccine. To learn more about the high-dose flu shot, visit:   

* Flu vaccine is mandatory for all NIH employees and contractors who have contact with Clinical Center patients. Declination must be done in person at Occupational Medical Service (Building 10/6C306). Documentation will be required for all declinations, as well as for immunizations received outside NIH. Those who submitted written provider documentation of most medical contraindications last year need not do so again. Those who have severe egg allergies will no longer be exempt if egg-free recombinant vaccine (Flublok) is available. Interested staff should review the following information before visiting the clinic:    

* Following immunization, the Occupational Medical Service will send an e-mail with a questionnaire and certificate of immunization. Please save an electronic or printed copy of your immunization record.

If, after checking the Foil the Flu website (, you still have questions, please contact Occupational Medical Service at 301-496-4411 or the Hospital Epidemiology Service at 301-496-2209.     

Foil the Flu is sponsored by:

NIH Office of Research Services/Division of Occupational Health and Safety/Occupational Medical Service and the NIH Clinical Center/Hospital Epidemiology Service

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