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Fire Lanes on the NIIH Campus

We have all noticed cars illegally parked in designated fire lanes. It happens everywhere, unfortunately, including on the NIH Bethesda campus. These lanes are absolutely essential for effective emergency response. Blocked emergency access places our people and facilities at risk.
The signs that shout "NO PARKING - FIRE LANE" should be simple and straightforward enough.
When there is an emergency, fire, rescue and police vehicles need to get close to the buildings, fire hydrants and sprinkler/standpipe system connections.
Leaving your privately owned or government owned vehicle in a fire lane can severely hinder firefighting and rescue efforts, making this a very serious offense. At the NIH, this violation results in a $55 fine plus a $25 processing fee for the driver of the vehicle plus towing and impoundment charges.
Make no mistake: All parking in designated fire lanes on the NIH Bethesda campus is against the law and there are no exceptions!

If you have any questions regarding fire lanes on campus, please contact the Division of the Fire Marshal, Office of Research Services, at 301-496-0487.